League Tennis.

Skyline sponsors USTA and CTA League tennis teams from March thru September for men rated 3.0 – 4.5 and for women rated 2.5 – 4.0.  Teams are a great way to improve your tennis, play competitively and meet other Skyline members.  The league calendar and match days and times are posted on this website.
To play on a Skyline team, players must be registered with the USTA (go to USTA.com) and provide a self-rating to determine the level at which they should play. If you would like help with determining this level, please see the Skyline pro for advice. Female beginners generally start at 2.5 while male beginners at Skyline start at 3.0. The USTA website also has general descriptions of abilities at each rating level.

Be sure that you have indicated a preference for receiving tennis communications under your Skyline member profile.  After the start of the season, tennis emails only go to those who’ve indicated they want to receive them.
Not sure you’re ready? Check out other Skyline adult programs such as Wednesday drills, Stroke of the Week (see adult program descriptions), and private lessons with our pro or assistant pro to build proficiency.